MindfulOfWhy 1#

#MindfulOfWhy 1:

They say there’s a huge difference between Generation Y and the Baby Boomers, and although this much is true, there’s plenty of stereotypes being thrown around that are typically bad human traits found in all generations.

Some call them spoilt, arrogant, overly rebellious, believe they deserve the best out of life, and  strongly influenced the #YOLO movement which is sweeping all the younger generations along with it.

Luckily due to their upbringing, their stubbornness and never-settle-for-less attitude is often aimed at rejecting the world as it is, since it strongly falls short of the world they envisioned as children. From a young age this generation was taught to dream, to believe they were going to be successful, idolizing superheroes and celebrities.

Their spoilt attitude and rebellious nature most likely stems from the high ideals they have for the world. Many from this generation will likely become activists in their own field, be it law, art, teacher, engineer, etc.

Even in primary school, high idealistic morality was imposed upon them..which I’m sure came as a shock to them when they got older and realized that the world doesn’t exactly follow the same rules. This was reflected in the various recent economic trends such as: Corporate social responsibility, the triple-bottom line, Sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, which all corporations had to get down on their knees and bow to.

We can expect that the majority of this generation simply want to do something about the moral injustice they see in this world, and if not, you can bet they’d rather be fence-sitters or tag-alongs, than join the side that is harming society.


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