InnovNation #3 Neurowear – Are Bionic bodyparts here?

Neurowear: A review of the latest creepy but cool Japanese invention

Behold, the latest invention from Neurowear Japan: The NeuroCam

This breaking technology revolutionizes the process of capturing moments in your daily life..for the cost of wearing an iPhone above your ears on a headband.

Basically, through Neuro technology, this device will automatically record things you see that you personally find interesting with no effort on your behalf.

When you see something, the emotions triggered by that object, person, or activity will alter your brain waves. The Neurowear detects these changes and will automatically start recording, as well as rate it on a scale from 1 to 100 based on how interesting it is to you.

Although the product is still in its early stages, the developers plan to add on manual mode (which really defeats the purpose of the whole product), an “Effect Function” which will automatically overlay filters and visual effects on clips based on emotions, and upgrade the overall appearance and style of the gadget (A good idea).

NECOMIMI: Be more catlike! Your ears show the world what you’re feeling

On another note, Neurowear has also developed something called the Necomimi, definitely strongly based on the cutesy aspect of Japanese culture. Users wear cute fluffy cat ears on a headband which have many different actions depending on how the user is feeling.

For example: When you are relaxed, your Cat Ears lie down. If you are concentrating and relaxing at the same time, your Cat Ears will rise and actively move. Even if one does not express these emotions on their face and body language, the Neuro Ears will react whether one is experiencing fear, interest, shame, etc.

Although it sounds quite quirky and strange at first, it makes me realize that the progress technology has made is quite incredible. Don’t dismiss this one as another strange gizmo yet. Being able to sync artificial parts to ones brainwave command could very well be the beginning of humans with Bionic body parts that we see in Sci-Fi Movies.



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