Innovnation #5: PhoneBloks, A phone that will last you more than 2 years

Electronic devices are designed NOT to last. PhoneBloks is the solution and most likely, the future.


Buying a whole new phone just because one small piece of your phone stopped working…is ridiculous.

Then come all the troubles of transferring messages, phone numbers, files, music and photos.

Phonebloks breaks down the phone’s main functions such as Wireless, RAM (speed), battery, screen, etc, into blocks. Literally.


This way you’ll be able to stay with the same phone forever, and keep upgrading certain parts of it as technology advances, instead of paying an extra thousand for a new phone to fix a $100 problem.

Finally, a phone that will last you more than 2 years. No more transferring files and contacts from one phone to another.

Very innovative, spatially creative, cost efficient and reduces the large amount of harmful waste caused by disposed phones.


The PhoneBloks Project currently has a huge amount of support, and you can help speed things up simply by liking and supporting their page, or you can get actively involved under their “Challenges Section”.

Visit PhoneBloks Here:


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