Y-Tunes #2 Refreshing beats

A nostalgic upbeat song to get you through the first half of the week. I figured there was no need to review this track since it’s quite well known (Bet you forgot this existed).

Martin Solveig & The Cataracs “Hey Now” (Single Mix)



And here, something a little harder from the Daft Punk 2007 “Alive” Album. A great mash up of two of their best 90’s hits: “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and “Around the World”


Daft Punk – Around The World / Harder Better Faster Stronger



Finally, another Daft Punk track, from their latest album: Random Access Memories: “Fragments of Time”.

This track is guaranteed to grow on you no matter what country you’re from, your age, or cultural background you are raised in. The track maintains a mellow and relaxed mood and the lyrics paint an ambient image. It’s the ideal track to play while you kick back and relax after a long day at work, or even better enjoyed during a weekend cruise with a sunset.

That’s all the tracks for this weeks Y-Tunes, Enjoy!







Three Highly Recommended ALTERNATIVE HIP-HOP albums:                   [23/2/14]

(Credit goes to PIECE OF SHEP – http://pieceofshep.com/2010/10/kno-kokayi-and-bop-alloy/)

Came across this music review just today and thought I’d share it. I’ve always been a big fan of KNO (from cunninlynguists), and consider him one of the best producers/MC’s of our generation. His beats are simply amazing.

Featured on this site is KNO’s first solo album: Death is Silent, which is darker than Oneirology but maintains the same standard of quality.

Notable Tracks: Not at the End, They Told Me (Great beat), Rhythm of the Rain (Lyrical)

The next album is called BOP ALLOY, a combination of Marcus D (a producer of beats in a similar genre to NUJABES) and Substantial (A long time jazzy, soul, hip-hop artist) A very mellow and soothing album, definitely worth chilling out to.

Notable tracks: Chillaxation, Just Another Day in the Life, Save the Day.

These two albums are definitely worth a look, at least 75% of the tracks on each album will surprise you or captivate you. The final album by KOKAYI, I haven’t heard yet but I’ll assume its good given that it was featured along side two great classics.

Don’t forget to like and support PieceofShep.com for his review and other content he has on his website.

Good vibes & Hip Hop you probably haven’t heard Ω             [14/1/14]


Kendrick the Relevant: 

Empire of the Sun Alive: 


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